Laying large format tiles. How to arrange large format tiles, what to look for and where to start.

The leveling system of the tiles makes the arrangement of tiles extremely easy. Thanks to it, everyone can arrange the tiles straight and even, both on the floors and on the walls. It is extremely useful for amateurs who never put tiles or did it only occasionally and for real professionals. Why this magical system is so effective we write in the further part of the article and first explain what is the leveling system of tiles. The Tile Leveling System is a set consisting of two elements: a clip and a wedge. A clip holding two adjacent tiles at the bottom and a wedge that is inserted into the eyelet of the clip and presses both plates from the top - all the leveling magic. The system ensures that the laid tiles will be leveled in every place on the principle of "tile to tile" (each tile is aligned with the tiles that surround it). After the adhesive dries, the clip is broken off with a kick or hammer strike and the wedge remains as a reusable element for use in the subsequent laying.

But is it so easy?

The answer is yes and no. Of course, the principle of operation is simple but as it usually happens "the devil is in the details" and to choose the best system, the one that will really work, pay attention to several important details. Both in terms of clip and wedge the most important is their quality, materials used, how they are built and what technical solutions the system designer introduced. A well-designed system will make our work easier and will accelerate it a lot, while poorly made and designed systems can be a nightmare - weaken and hinder our efforts of laying an even surface.

What's most important:

The clip can not break when inserting a wedge. This would cause the need to peel off the already laid plate and replace the clip, the loss of time and unnecessary nerves. Also when breaking the clip on already dried tiles it is very important that it breaks in the right place, namely a lot below the upper surface of the tile. In other words, the broken part of the clip does not protrude from the later grout.

But how to check it?

Unfortunately, in addition to the manufacturer's assurances, recommendations of satisfied customers and own assessment of materials, photos or videos, it remains only to check the system in practice and evaluate it yourself. When choosing the right system, we should take into account many more details. We should not be fooled by the low price of products because usually there is no good quality behind it and a guarantee of a successful job. The leveling system for tiles, which I can certainly recommend, is the Perfect Level Master T-Lock system. Differences in the speed and accuracy of the work are visible after the first tile has been laid. The manufacturer of this system ensures its correct operation and an eternal guarantee on driven wedges. The advantage of this system is many and the quality of the products made can be seen at a glance. It's enough to mention a few basic one:

  • First and foremost, the Perfect Level Master company as the only manufacturer ensures that the clip is properly adjusted to the thickness of the plate in such a way that after inserting the wedge into the clip, it stops in the central part of the wedge, more or less in the middle. As a result, the wedge evenly presses both adjacent tiles and guarantees an even surface. Perfect Level Master offers 3 types of S, M and L clips for up to 3 different tile thicknesses.
  • Clips and wedges are made of special blends of materials and repeatedly tested so that the clip never breaks when driving the wedge, but breaks well after the adhesive dries.
  • Due to the proper construction and narrowing in the lower part, it always breaks so low that the part remaining in the glue never protrudes above the grout, it does not need to be cut out, losing precious time.
  • After the tiles are laid, you can walk while bonding, so you do not have to divide the work into stages and you can do all the rooms at once
  • Also as the only manufacturer offers a set, which is not necessary to use special pliers. Appropriate adjustment of the clip to the wedge and its flexibility ensure that the wedges can be pressed with the thumb and this is enough to properly level the surface. Such a solution provides a very large time saving, especially when the pliers have somewhat disappeared and we have to look for them. of course, with large commercial areas are also useful.
  • Special endings of reusable wedges are very helpful both in laying tiles on the walls and on the floor - they can act as crosses and complement standard spacers, creating different joint widths of 1 mm, 1.5 mm, 2 mm, 3 mm and other
  • The clips are designed so that they are easily inserted under the plate. Thanks to the very thin edges, it is very comfortable, fast and does not require any additional activities such as lifting the tile
  • The entire Perfect Level Master T-Lock system is very well thought out and very well designed.

For people who do not know the concept of the leveling system of tiles and have never heard about the clip and wedge, it is best to understand what it is all about while watching the video tutorial showing the entire process of tile placement. Here are a few links that perfectly show why this system is so helpful for both amateurs and professionals. I invite you to watch and I wish that everyone thanks to him would obtain a perfectly even surface in a much shorter time and the laying of tiles was accompanied by a smile on their faces.


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