About T-Lock System

Our system ensures that all tiles are perfectly even (each plate is equated with a plate next to it with a wedge and clip).
Reliable and Fast. The process of laying the tiles takes much less time, because you do not have to align the tiles in the traditional way. After the tiles are laid, you can walk straight away, thanks to which you do not divide the work into stages !!!

It is extremely simple and easy to use! It is suitable for both beginners and professionals. Therefore, even the person who places the tiles for the first time will obtain a perfectly even surface. Work will be easier and more enjoyable than ever before.

It is irreplaceable in the case of large format tiles and stone slabs, which due to their very large dimensions are often bent!

All Perfect Level Master products are made of special plastics. The clip can not break when inserting a wedge. This would cause the need to peel off the already glued plate and replace the clip, the loss of time and unnecessary nerves. That is why our clips are made of special materials, of appropriate thickness and are tested many times.

The system works practically for you. Please note that our products not only distinguishes the aesthetic appearance, quality, special materials from which it is made but also Design. No element of construction is accidental. It is specially thought out to facilitate your work.

T-Lock™ wedges are practically indestructible, you only buy them once !! They are reusable.

Not comparable with any other system. Anyone who has used the Perfect Level Master™ system at least once will not change it.


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